The perfect desert getaway.

This oasis in the desert is nestled in the heart of the Joshua Tree area of southern California. With plans to be a rental for vacationers visiting the desert for the many attractions like Stagecoach and Coachella, this project was meant to create a space for renters to feel like they were home while away from home. Soft gray color palettes mixed with warm woods and metals combine to make a calm retreat for all who stay here. It was also important to consider that everything here was going to be consistently used, so making sure to use materials and furnishings that would take a beating was necessary. Finally, the last task was to make sure that renters were as comfortable as possible without having a host around, so creating areas that would allow for fun with family and friends, we included a full fledge beverage bar, game room and even a storage to grab towels as you head out to the pool!