“The Who and The Why”

WHO: From childhood, I have always been intrigued with spaces and how they made me feel. This became a passion that I chased as a career. I started JC Cross Design after many years of working in the design industry as a furniture buyer, window treatment specialist, color consultant and design assistant. I have over seven years experience in the home improvement business which afforded me a wealth of knowledge about what is going on behind the walls as well as in depth detail of what is involved in the process of building/decorating a home. My passion for interiors could not be achieved through work alone. I desired to complete my knowledge in design by teaming work experience with education. I earned my Bachelor of Science in Interior Design from The Art Institute of San Diego in 2016 and look forward to moving on to complete my Masters.

WHY: I used to ask myself, “What impact does interior design have on the world?” as it always felt like a fickle industry to get into for someone who desires to be a part of something that promotes growth and production. It didn’t take me long to realize that the spaces we live, work and play in, play a large role in how we behave and how we perceive both ourselves and others. To have the ability to understand spaces and how to evoke emotion and create spaces that speak to and function for those who inhabit them is a gift and privilege. One that I am honored to be a part of.

— N.M. (Nikoya Moses)


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“A lovely experience”

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Nikoya. She knew details and really invested in understanding what I wanted rather than just doing what she wanted for me. I love her attitude and sense of style. 

— K.G.

“Happy Client”

I appreciated her punctuality. I’d send an email and within the same hour, she’d get back to me. I’ve had experiences where I feel like I have to chase people down to get answers or service. Nikoya was always available and always friendly.

— M.T.


“Professional service.”

You don’t know how much help you need until you have to start making decisions and become overwhelmed with options. Nikoya was really good at helping to narrow down the options and streamlining the process. We really love the outcome and look forward to working with her again.

— L.C.

“The Sweetest”

Nikoya actually cares! Too many professionals just want to take your money and run, I was happy that she actually took the time to listen to what I wanted and worked around my budget and everyday needs. I love the way my living and dining room turned out! I wasn’t on board with everything she presented, but I’m glad she convinced me… trust her, she knows what she’s doing!

— S.M.